Die Cut

Die cut tags are another format for a single tag. The die shape can be a round cornered rectangle, circle, square or a custom design to denote a brand. i.e. in the shape of a fish for a seafood company. Die cut tags usually have a string or other attachment to fasten the tag to the product being identified for sale, etc.

Ganged & Continuous

Ganged tags are single tags attached to one another by a perforation. They were finished in this manner to make it easier to repeatedly write information on them without having to reach for a new tag every time. Ganged tags have been widely replaced by pinfed tags for dot matrix printing. Many pinfed tags are now referred to as continuous tags, for direct thermal and thermal transfer imprinting, because they are furnished in a continuous web of 500 or 1,000 pieces.

Laser Printed Tags

Laser imprintable tags are made of paper and a growing list of synthetic materials for use on both black and white, and color laser printers. While the sheet size may vary, laser printed tags are usually printed on 8.5” x 11” sheets. Software compatible programs for printing laser tags can be PDF’s, Word documents, Avery® label formats and special software designed for rebar, concrete and other market related tags.


Manifold tags have long been used to tag a product for identification and retain a paper copy of the recorded information for filing purposes. Manifold tags are also known by other names: carbon or carbonless interleaved tags, multi-part tags, and multi-ply tags.


The most common format for a paper or synthetic tag is as a single unit.  There are eight standard sizes of tags throughout the industry with sizes 9 – 12 having some variance from one manufacturer to another. A single tag is printed, numbered, and has a patch & eyelet attached in a sequential operation. It is then cut into a single unit at the end of the press.

Thermal Transfer

These tags are designed to be imprinted by the end-user.  Allen-Bailey typically prints a logo or other brand information on the tag and the customer imprints the balance with their variable information, barcodes or number sequences when they are ready to use the tags on site.  Thermal transfer tags have a timing mark on the back or are die cut in order to trigger the printer to initiate the printing sequence.



die cut

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Manifold Tags


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Thermal Transfer