Continuous labels are designed for imprinting via dot matrix printers and some high-speed laser imprinters. The labels oftentimes are preprinted with boxes or areas for imprinting prices, product values, ingredients, etc.

Die Cut Roll

Die cut labels are the most common format for pressure sensitive labels. Allen-Bailey has hundred of dies - circles, ovals, round corner rectangles and more. Die cut labels are typically waste-stripped and can be furnished in rolls, fanfolded and sometimes in sheets. Submit your request via the Request for Quote page or speak with your sales rep about your specific requirements.

Sheeted Laser

Sheeted labels are square cornered sheets of pressure sensitive labels. The most common size of sheet labels is 8.5” x 11” but can be as small as 2" X 2" and as large as 16" x 24." Printing is available up to 6 colors and dies can be utilized to furnish multiple labels within the entire sheet. If die cut labels are not designed into the sheet, a back-split or face-split with tab are the usual formats to ease removal of the label liner. Some sheets are intended for laser printing. Be sure to inform your sales rep of the intended purpose and desired format of your labels.

Thermal Transfer

Thermal transfer labels are commonly preprinted with branding information in one or more colors with the balance of the space on the label available for imprinting variable data by the end user. Thermal labels also utilize timing marks or die cut holes to trigger the imprinting.


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