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As more and more industries come under the watchful guidelines of the EPA, FDA and State Shellfish Control Agencies (SSCAs), the Aquaculture Market has had a distinct advantage of using the standard Tyvek® shellfish tag to track their harvest for decades. With traceability requirements taking on new dimensions of responsibility, Allen-Bailey Tag & Label can assist by incorporating a bar code or QR code into your tag. This code can be tailored to the type used by the software company you will be partnering with, for use by yourself, your customers and the general public. The process would occur somewhat like this:

  1. You select a software company to track and retain all data pertinent to your harvest information. We recommend speaking with www.ScoringAg.com or www.TraceRegister.com.

  2. Allen-Bailey prints your tag, front and back, in the normal fashion.

  3. Allen-Bailey will add a QR or GUID Code to the tag to be used by your software company as they record and maintain your harvest data. A GUID is a Globally Unique Identifier which cannot be duplicated or copied by anyone else. It is more complex than a simple QR Code and provides a distinct 32-digit identifier to your particular product and harvest.

  4. You conduct your harvest, record the data as directed by the software company, then scan the QR or GUID Code for each harvest. You will then upload your scanned data to your software company who will place it in their database for retrieval by interested entities.

aluminum steel


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